Iceland in Winter

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Into the heart of Iceland

Iceland, that infamous photographic wonderland. Volcanoes, glaciers, fjords. The struggle for photographers is that all of the images of Iceland have been done. We’ve seen it all before. Or have we?

This workshop is for those who want to learn to see. If you want to learn to use your camera like an instrument, to play to the concert halls of the heart, then this is for you. 

8 Days // Feb 29- March 8, 2020
$5500 // $2750 Deposit

Moderate Hiking and Cold Weather

Double-Occupancy Rooms
Group Size: Max 8

Features: Ice Caves to Icelandic Horses

  • Trek across Iceland’s glaciers with a private guide to publicly inaccessible ice caves.
  • Romp with Icelandic horses and their keepers, and get a dose of the people and culture of Iceland.
  • Visit an Ice-Age canyon that’s like none other on earth, a vision of frozen fractals and jagged curves.
  • Off the beaten path: Mountains and Waterfalls without the crowds
  • Opportunities to photograph the Northern Lights


  • Arrival Day: Airport Pickup, Hotel in Reykjavik, Safety and Gear Talk
  • Day 1: Haifoss Waterfall, Guesthouse in Hella, LR Editing Talk
  • Day 2: Icelandic Horses, Guesthouse in Kalfafell. Facing Your Fears Talk
  • Day 3: Ice Caves and Glacier Trek, Guesthouse in Kalfafell
  • Day 4: Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Ice Age Canyon, Hotel in Vik, Night Sky Talk
  • Day 5: Geothermal Pools, Hotel in Keflavik, Looking Deeper Talk
  • Day 6: Kirkjufell Mountain, Guesthouse in Stykkishomur, *Northern Lights Opportunity
  • Day 7: Snaefellsnes Mountains, Guesthouse in Borganes, Social Media Talk
  • Day 8: Dropoff in Reykjavik, Bon Voyage!


Landscape, wildlife and travel photography definitely require good technique. Master the camera and then you can focus on emotion.

  • Master your camera’s exposure settings with histograms
  • Get sharp images with wildlife and landscape
  • Shoot the night sky
  • Create silky water and abstractions with long exposures
  • Take care of yourself and your gear in harsh outdoor conditions

Editing and Critiques

Every other day, we will do a group critique of everybody’s work after individual guidance with their edit. The critique takes place in a comfortable & safe space where our words are chosen carefully, and aimed at improving everyone’s work. Is it a little uncomfortable? Yes. But we grow.

By looking at how others photograph the same things we have, we learn how to see differently. 

Kiliii Wide

Learn from experts

Our teachers have worked for National Geographic Magazine and Arctery’x. Their Iceland images have been published by TIME. Their photographs have inspired thousands on Instagram.

We put a lot of thought and effort in how to make a fun and seamless workshop. It’s adventure, it’s a chance to make beautiful photographs, and it’s a finely honed learning experience

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